Thermal Covers


About NJC Thermal Limited

NJC Thermal Covers Ltd are dedicated to high quality design and production of bespoke or standard insulated thermal covers. NJC guarantee all components and workmanship are of the highest quality standards. With over 50 years experience in the insulation industry you can be assured of advice, service and quality second to none.

Our products are designed to be the most user-friendly thermal covers on the market.

NJC Thermal Covers can come in a single piece even for complicated equipment - you don't have to think how to install a multi-piece "jigsaw puzzle" cover and how to fill the gaps between its parts. NJC Thermal Covers are fastened with belts and stainless steel double D-rings and/or Velcro fasteners and pull ties. This allows for tool-free installation and removal.

If required each item can come with a permanently attached stainless steel ID tag, containing the item’s description and location provided by the customer and our traceable work order number.

All NJC Covers are sewn. We do not use staples or hog-rings to close seams.

A variety of colors are available to color-code removable insulation covers on your equipment in accordance with your company standards or to enhance the equipment’s appearance. We can even apply your company ID/Logo.

If you require any further information please call or email a member of the NJC team who will be pleased to assist