Thermal Covers


The Benefits

Removable insulation covers are more cost effective and cheaper to install than current conventional systems.

The benefits of removable insulation include:

Energy Savings.
In most cases, NJC covers pay for themselves in 6 - 9 months or less when installed on LTHW systems or processing equipment. These greater savings are achieved by increased area insulated and better tighter fit, they are far more efficient and more durable than conventional applications. As energy costs spiral the covers become more cost effective. NJC can provide an energy survey to show you cost savings and payback period.

Time and Labour Savings.
They are designed to be installed within minutes and are easy to remove and reinstall for maintenance purposes, again further labour savings.

Personnel Protection.
NJC covers can be installed on hot steam or processing equipment to protecting personnel from burns by maintaining low surface temperatures in high-traffic areas. They can also be made in reflective materials to improve visability.

Ease of Access.
Suppose you anticipate a leak or another problem with a piece of permanently insulated equipment. You would think twice before doing a routine inspection, which would destroy the insulation. Guessing is not required when you use our removable/reusable covers - you just check your equipment without delay and then re-install the cover.

Broad range of Application
Covers are available to cover a wide rage of use. These include: Frost Protection, Energy Conservation, Noise and Vibration Reduction.