Thermal Covers


Thermal Covers

With the advent of the energy tax and escalation in fuel prices, there has never been a better time to invest in the range of products offered from NJC Thermal Covers. These products will pay for themselves over a short evaluation period and WILL save you or your organisation many thousands of pounds in reduced energy costs.

Many organisations, both in the UK and worldwide, have already benefited from the installation of NJC Thermal Covers products.

We produce a wide range of products in the following categories:

:: Standard Valve / Flange Protection
:: Frost Protection
:: Fire Protection
:: Extrusion Protection
:: Thermal Delivery
:: Aqua Wrap
:: Acoustic Protection
:: Anti Vibrational Protection
:: Heat Tracing

These products have the following benefits:

:: Energy saving - quick payback period
:: Loss reduction by as much as 90%
:: Reduced plant downtime and on costs
:: Removable / easy to fit
:: Reusable
:: Effective for personnel protection
:: Ease of access for maintainance / inspection

NJC also co-ordinate a complete insulation service from pipes to vessels.